Some questions for a newbie

Ken Moffat kmoffat at
Mon Jul 28 04:58:56 CEST 2003

Michael Mosier wrote:

>I know I may be a bit behind the times for not using sudo, but personally I have
>this in my menu:
>    xfterm4 -e "su -c programname"
>That opens up a terminal where I'm prompted for a password, then the terminal
>closes and my gui app opens.
I just read this thread and was about to suggest this when I saw your 
message.  That's what I do, and you can add a geometry to the call to 
xterm if you don't want a full size xterm.

xfterm4 -geometry 40x3 -e "su -c progname"

(or just xterm instead of xfterm4)


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