Some questions for a newbie

Lane P. Lester llester at
Mon Jul 28 03:44:54 CEST 2003

Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at> wrote:
> The only thing I am curious is that you found running as a
> user a nuisance.  With sudo, I have not needed to log as root in
> years. 

Any time I want to install something or configure something or add
something or delete something, I don't have to be concerned about who it
belongs to or whether I need to "sudo" or not before I can do what I
want to do.

I do all of my file managing with emelfm in X, with the exception of the
occasional symlink.

Just like when I was using Windows only, I'm willing to take
responsibility for my actions and suffer the consequences if I do
something stupid.

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