Some questions for a newbie

Christel & Dr. Frank Biendara frbie at
Sun Jul 27 23:00:50 CEST 2003


thanks for this very fast response.

These are the answers to the questions of Jack and Rich.

>1) How can I start applications with root right directly from the xfce 
>panel. I emerged (installed) several "su" commands like xsu and gksu but 
>the best I got is that "some" apps start as root from the terminal

The best exaple is that I will edit or view a system config file. For this I have to start my favorite file manger, it's xfe, with root rights. I will do it as a direct klick from the xfce panel so I have to use a single command line which is accepted by the panel. The way should be to "click" and then be asked for the password.

So I cannot use sudo. I tried "gksu -u root xfe". When I say to start in terminal it works but then there is, in addition to the app, a terminal window open.Other apps like gedit won't even start with this. The concept of kde "start as different user" would be very effective here.

>2) How can I show texts in the xfce panel. The icons are great most 
>times but when they are becoming more it's sometimes hard to remember 
>which icon is for which program.

Rich, you write you use text instead - but how? I can only add graphic icons directly in the 1st level of xfce panel.

>3) I set the desktop borders to 50 but all programs are using this space 
>so it's more or less useless 

To explain: I have my xfce panel at the left side - so I don't want to have other apps using this place. So I set the desktop borders to a value to avoid this. But the apps use this place even with this setup. The result is that the panel is hidden by the app or, panel always on top, the panel hides the app. BTW, I don't like the auto-hide feature.

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