Some questions for a newbie

Christel & Dr. Frank Biendara frbie at
Sun Jul 27 21:26:31 CEST 2003


I'm new to the list and I really like xfce. It's fast and structured but 
there are some questions left ;)

Btw, I'm 37 and an BPR and IT professional (but not a developer) 
relativly new to Linux but I leaned a lot in the last weeks and now I 
use xfce4 4.0 RC2 and Gentoo on my XP 1900+ with 512 MByte

1) How can I start applications with root right directly from the xfce 
panel. I emerged (installed) several "su" commands like xsu and gksu but 
the best I got is that "some" apps start as root from the terminal

2) How can I show texts in the xfce panel. The icons are great most 
times but when they are becoming more it's sometimes hard to remember 
which icon is for which program.

3) I set the desktop borders to 50 but all programs are using this space 
so it's more or less useless ;)

4) Is an automatic log-in possible.

Thanks in advance for help with this great piece of work and...go ahead ;)

Best regards


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