RC2 --> final release..

hugh d fegely wolffe at cavtel.net
Fri Jul 25 17:03:26 CEST 2003

Looking at the timeline for XFce4, the final release should be out in the beginning of August. The second release candidate (RC2) was just made available during this past week. (ok, stating the obvious, everyone knows this..)

I've been running RC1 for the past 2 weeks now, with no problems that I can note.. my question is.. is it worthwhile for me to download RC2, or just wait for the final at this point? 

I was looking for some sort of changelog or other "rap sheet" on the changes/improvements from rc1 to rc2, but haven't found anything yet.

Like I said, everything's been running great for me so far (even though XFce3 came with my Mandrake installation, it never wanted to load right.. neither did Windowmaker..) so I'm figuring instead of downloading RC2 just for a week, I might as well wait til the final is released.

Keep up the great work :)

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