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Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Jul 17 23:14:45 CEST 2003

Nice work. Looks very nice. However, beware that the panel API has
changed slightly for rc1. For anyone wanting to use this: it crashes the
panel if you use versions after beta2.

If you are interested, we have just opened a project for third-party
XFce 4 additions.

There is another system load plugin there as well, perhaps you could
work together. If you are interested that is.

I haven't tried yet myself, but will do so soon.



On 17 Jul 2003 15:33:23 -0500
Dan Karmgard <karmgard at> wrote:

> Greetings All,
> 	I've been using the beta release of XFce4 for a few weeks now
> 	and I
> find it quite good. But the panel was missing a bit of functionality
> (probably just because it's new). So I've written a couple of plugins
> for the panel. The first is a hack of the mail-check plugin which adds
> IMAP, sound, and puts mail headers into a tool tip. The second is a
> system monitor (essentially an attempt to replicate the GSysInfo
> applet from the Gnome 1 panel). It allows you to monitor CPU, memory,
> network and battery (ACPI) loads. You may find a screen shot, a brief
> description and the source code at 
> Any feedback is welcome, I hope you find these useful.
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