Switching an application's workspace

Brian Masinick masinick at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 22:55:02 CEST 2003

In XFCE 3, KDE, CDE, and most other desktop environments, there's an 
easy way to shift an application or a display window from one workspace 
to another, or even to make the application display on all workspaces.  
Perhaps it's there, or maybe I've set something up wrong. I could use 
that functionality before (at least with XFCE 3), but now I don't see it 
on my desktop running XFCE 4.

If this functionality is there, what steps can I take to enable it?  If 
this functionality is not there, I'd like to make a feature request to 
see this feature, one of the most useful desktop features of all, in my 
opinion.  Any suggestions or ideas?

Brian Masinick
mailto:masinick at yahoo.com

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