A couple of start up questions

Ian Truelsen ian at ihtruelsen.dyndns.org
Sun Jul 6 21:44:06 CEST 2003

I would like to have both gkrellm and xmms start up when I load xcfe4,
which is not a problem, but I want them to start up with in a particular
fashion, which I have not figured out how to do.

1) for grkellm, I would like it to start up sticky. Is there any way to
do this, either using the xinitrc file or the desktop/autostart route? 

2) I want to start xmms on desktop 4. Is there any way to specify this?

Thanks for any info.

P.S. Can anyone point me to some decent docs for the format of the
desktop/autostart entries?

Ian Truelsen
Email: ian at ihtruelsen.dyndns.org
AIM: ihtruelsen
Homepage: http://www.ihtruelsen.dyndns.org

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