Gnome top panel is offset down after fresh login using XFWM4

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at
Fri Dec 5 14:43:07 CET 2003

Hi all, 

In initially posted this to the forum
(, and it was
suggested that I post to the e-mail list.

I recently installed and now use XFWM4 under Fedora Core 1, since
Metacity is problematic in several areas. I have retained Gnome for the
time being. 

I have noted, that when restarting X (or when logging in), my top Gnome
panel shifts down on the screen so that it is not "flush" with the top
of the display. In order to move it upward, I have to go into the panel
properties, change the panel to "bottom" and then back to "top" in order
to get it to move to the proper location. 

This happens every time.

I thought that I would post a couple of screen captures to better
provide a sense of what is happening. 

The first shows the top Gnome panel offset downward:

The second shows the panel in its proper position:

Has anyone else seen this or is there a fix? If more information is
required, let me know. 



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