xfwm4 feature request.

Niki Guldbrand nikig at vip.cybercity.dk
Sun Apr 20 23:20:27 CEST 2003

Hi list.

Yay my first post ;o)

I past a little conversation i had with Jasper:

<huysmans> sure
<huysmans> go ahead
<niki> I have a question about xfwm4
<niki> I'm using it as my WM in gnome instead of sawfish and Metacity
<huysmans> cool
<niki> But i have been using metacity befor, and i miss a little feature
       it has
<huysmans> what feature?
<niki> which is when you switch windows via "Alt+tab" it marks hidden
       (Behind other windows) windows border
<niki> If you know what i mean
<huysmans> err, no
<niki> hmm... How can i explain ???
<huysmans> it shows window outlines?
<niki> Hmm you could try it yourself ;o)
<niki> yeah
<huysmans> interesting concept
<niki> Because alot of times i have similar named windows, so it's
       sometimes hard to select the right window the way it is now.
<huysmans> are you subscribed to our mailing list? you could propose
           the idea.
<huysmans> It sounds like that feature may be useful to more people
<niki> And another thing if you have two windows open, and you minimize
       one of them then the second windows doesn't get focus :o/
<huysmans> Olivier is still working on the focus stuff, so I hope that
           will improve
<niki> Well yeah, and also maybe when you hit Alt+tab that it would show
        a complete list of apps which is positioned on the current VD
<niki> Ok lets hope so ;o)
<niki> Well i'll just paste this conversation ;o)
<niki> If it's ok with you that is ;o)
<huysmans> sure
<niki> You never know if it's Copyrighted :oD
<huysmans> hehe

Thanks for xfwm4, it works great with gnome2 ;o)
If you want a screenshot just say so, and i'll send you one ;o)

Keep up the good work

Niki Guldbrand

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