OK -- I give up ...

Scott Jones scott at exti.net
Wed Sep 18 19:38:32 CEST 2002

On Wednesday 18 September 2002 9:18 am, Jack Coates wrote:

> On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 23:58, Scott Jones wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 September 2002 8:16 pm, R P Herrold wrote:
> > > Play along with me, if you feel you've a firm grip on your
> > > sanity.
> >
> > No one has ever accused me of that, but OK.
> Me neither, can I play?

Sure, it beats me talking to the voices.

> > > 1.  I can mouse into the Run box and get it running -- but how
> > > in xfce 3, do I add a Run (in terminal) to the panel in the
> > > 'Add Icon', or in one of the  $HOME/.xfwm.user_menu
> >
> > You answered it yourself: sudo needs to run from a terminal.  When
> > you add an icon, the command line would be "Term sudo konsole".
> There is of course an exception: in /etc/sudoers you can configure it
> to not ask you for a password. There is a slight increase in risk,
> because now if you forget to lock your screen before walking away,
> the system could be compromised more easily. Don't forget to lock the
> screen.

Not a bad suggestion, unless you're the forgetful type (like me).  
That's one reason why I don't do that on work machines.  At home, my 
wife doesn't know much more of Linux than how to log me out, log 
herself in and start up KDE (and that's only because I put the 
instructions in /etc/issue), so I'm relatively safe.

> By doing it this way, I can put things like this in my xfce3rc:
> 	EtherApe
> 	/usr/share/pixmaps/etherape.png
> 	sudo etherape
> Another option is to use a graphical su -- xsu, gsu, and I bet
> there's a ksu. These pop up a little window asking for any missing
> info, such as a password:

Good guess, it's kdesu.  That was going to be another suggestion, but, 
as I said, I'm forgetful at times.  The advantage to this is that one 
doesn't have an unused terminal cluttering the desktop.

Speaking of forgetful.  Russ, if you are running Konsole, you do know 
that you can start up a root term from the menu bar of a running 
Konsole session, right? (Session -> New Root Console)

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