Iconize to specific location

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sat Sep 14 02:25:06 CEST 2002

Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at webtrek.com> writes:

> On Fri, 2002-09-13 at 18:18, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> How can I make any iconized apps go to a specific location.
>> In fact a container located in some certain spot would be nice.
>> Currently any iconized app goes to far upper right in my largely
>> default setup. About as unhandy as humanly possible.
> 	Setup -> Windows -> Icon Position
> 	You have a choice of Top, Left, Bottom & Right.

Oh, thanks, I missed that, neglected to scroll that pane.  However it
seems there are really only two choices even though the picture shows
four.  Bottom and left go to the exact same place.  Top and right

Is there no way to put them in a box/window or into the panel or a better
choice than those two in the setup tool?

Putting them alone the top edge of panel would be the handiest I think.
Using `bottom' they begin to hide behind my clock/calendar if more
than one.

Can I make them always on top or something?

Anyone have code for .xfwmrc that does this sort of stuff?

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