root window completely messed up

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Fri Sep 13 02:42:00 CEST 2002

Michael Klein wrote:
> Rich Shepard wrote:
>>   This is rather strange. One of the workstations worked just fine in X
>> yesterday but it won't today. I re-ran Xconfigurator on it, and the 
>> sample
>> screen (Gnome?) showed up just fine. But, when we startx to xfce, the 
>> aterms
>> and control panel show up, but the root window is totally screwy: 
>> black and
>> white narrow stripes in several columns. Resetting the background has no
>> affet on this.
>>   The other workstation continues working just fine.
>>   I'm at a loss what to do and I'd appreciate suggestions and ideas.
> Hi!
> AFAIK Xconfigurator is just for configuring XFree 3.x.x.
> What version of XFree were running before you re-ran Xconfigurator?
> If two versions of XFree are installed, Xconfigurator set symlinks to 
> version
> 3.x.x and creats a XFConfig, not XFConfig-4 in /etc/X11/.
> Maybe you messed up X this way ?

That's news to me.  Redhat still ships Xconfigurator with their releases 
that have XFree86-4.x.

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