Strange behavior with upgrade to RH 7.3

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Fri Sep 6 13:59:03 CEST 2002

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Philip Dean wrote:

> Would you be willing to share your partitioning scheme?  I am always
> looking for ways to improve or tweak my systems.  Right now I am using
> five partitions.

  After five years, I've learned to separate system files from end-user
files as much as possible. Of course, we still get zapped by developers who
place their binaries in /usr/bin rather than /usr/local/bin so OS upgrades
wipe out files that have nothing to do with the OS.

  Anyway, here's how I've partitioned our machines (both
worksttation/servers and portables):


  / is 250M, /boot is 25M, /var and /tmp are in the 500-1,000M range, /usr
is 1,000M, /usr/local and /opt are the biggies. The latter two are where I
place all end-user applications and other tools that are not OS components.

  I also have file systems named /usr1/, /usr2/, /usr3/, and /usr4/ for data
storage and two others, /vm/ and /dos7/ for the virtual-win98 and dosemu

  Our two-machine office is set up in both client/server and peer-to-peer
modes. /home, /opt, /var/spool/mail, and /usr1 are exported by one box and
nfs-mounted by the other and by the notebooks when they're on the network.
/usr2-4 are exported by the other workstation and available to all machines.

  Now, if all distributions would follow the LSB (Linx Standard Base) for
placement of OS-related files, that would be wonderful. And, it would be
great for developers to put their executables in /usr/local/ rather than
/usr/. Well, maybe some day.


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