Strange behavior with upgrade to RH 7.3

Michael Klein el.micha.klein at
Fri Sep 6 01:16:18 CEST 2002

Rich Shepard wrote:
> For example, now I cannot move windows in Xfce, the control panel is a
> plain, solid, light grey even thought the pallette shows the different
> colors, and I can no longer cut and paste with the mouse from an aterm to,
> for example, mozilla.
>   Has anyone an idea what might be going on here? For some reason, I have
> 3.8.16 installed now rather than 3.8.18. I'm going to get that while I wait
> for a response from you folks.
Did you install gpm(for the cut and paste problem)?
It´s a mouse server for the virtual consoles providing cut and paste...

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