reflecting names of running applications in terminal-names

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Wed Sep 4 19:34:27 CEST 2002

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On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Christian V. J. Brüssow wrote:

> > Works fine with rxvt, but not with xterm =(
> I use a shell script with PROMTP_COMMAND (bash) to set the title of my
> xterm to the cwd. To do this, I use something like:
> echo -n "^[]2; YOUR TITLE GOES HERE ^G"
> I also set the icon title with:
> echo -n "^[]1; YOUR ICON TITLE GOES HERE ^G"
> ^[ is one(!) Escape character, and ^G is one (!) CTRL-G. Use an editor
> that can insert these kind of characters correctly. Dont't forget the
> ';'!
> This works fine for me with xterm, gnome-terminal, and
> multi-gnome-terminal.

	I tried the above on the command line but it didn't work.  Maybe
it's something that must be run from a shell.  No, I remember doing it
interactively before.

	BTW, to get the control character on the command line (and in vi
and many other editors) you type "Ctrl-v".  So, to get the two control
characters in the above commands you'd type "Ctrl-v Esc" and "Ctrl-v
Ctrl-g" respectively.

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