reflecting names of running applications in terminal-names

Thomas Schönhoff thomas.schoenhoff at
Tue Sep 3 13:45:22 CEST 2002

Hello all,

once again I encounter a small problem which being solved could 
facilitate daily work.
When I am doing some projects (i.e. programming Tcl) I often open 
lots of different consoles, i.e. to run simultaneously an 
interpreter to debug, a seperate console for open/close adsl 
connects,  a console for monitoring net connection and alike.
I often iconize single windows to gain some more room for 
additonal applications, but when I try to come back to a formerly 
opend console it is often hard to find the appropriate iconized 
terminal because the names only reflect thomas/localhost.
So I am not able to find the wanted terminal without wading 
through a lot of others.
I did not find an appropriate solution for this, does anybodyelse 
know wht to do !?


BTW: This happens on RH7.2 running XFCE 3.8.16

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