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Kevin Ellwood kellwood at
Sat Jun 29 15:03:48 CEST 2002

Hi All,

I am a new user to xfce and I am very happy with it.  Much less resources are used relative to KDE and GNOME, which was my goal. 

My question is related to screensavers.  Whenever I run the screensaver config tool I get a warning that xscreensaver doesn't appear to be running and it offers to start it.  After configing it, it works fine.

However, after I reboot the system a loggin again, I get just a simple black screen as the screen saver. I believe that this is some simple xfce screen saver.  And, as you might guess, when I use the screensaver config tool I get the warning that xscreensaver is not running. 

GNOME somehow started this when I logged in.  Is there an xfce init file that will allow me to start xscreensaver when I login?  



Kevin R.J. Ellwood
kellwood at

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