App killed when using the mouse roll? + questions

Alexandre Aractingi aaractingi at
Fri Jun 28 14:40:46 CEST 2002

Hi Edscott,
Thanks a lot for your previous answer. Actually my distribution is
already configured with fr_FR (I did a binary diff between
/usr/share/locale/fr_FR and /etc/locale/fr and everything is
identical...). And the accentuated names are still not recognized...
Regarding the download of a Samba file before opening it, I agree for
'regular' files, but for an mp3 file or a large avi file, isn't it
possible to stream it while opening it in xine for example?
Besides, I have a few more questions on the soft (sorry - let me know if
I am being too pushy... but I'm very interested in this piece of

1. Why don't Ctl+C, Ctl+V, Ctl+X work in xfsamba? (they work in
2. If I want to do a copy / paste from xftree to xfsamba, drag and drop
and Ctl+C / paste are ok but not for multiple files (I select them by
holding the Ctl button, but when I want to copy only one of them gets
3. Why doesn't the 'Del' key work in xfsamba (it works in xftree)?
4. Is there a way to specify a 'default' login / passwd that xfsamba
would try to log on with when accessing SMB servers, in order to prompt
for a login / passwd only if this one does not work?

Again, congratulations for the great soft, I never saw such an efficient
file manager on Linux... (my machine is so slow that I really appreciate
this kind of improvement!!).
Thanks for your kind help, and for your time!

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