Am I stupid or is this a taskbar bug?

Staszyszyn, Marcin mstaszyszyn at
Mon Jun 24 14:13:04 CEST 2002

You are not stupid. I am ;-) xfce with 12 menus really crashes on start due
to taskbar bug. I fixed this bug and commited to CVS. I don't know how often
CVS snapshot is updated, so if you don't have CVS access, I can send changes
to your mail account directly. Just e-mail me!
By the way I fixed small bug which causes improper panel resizing.
I want to apologize  for inconvenience to all xfce users affected by these

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> Hello Marcin,
> Staszyszyn, Marcin schrieb:
> > That's strange. I have just downloaded and installed xfce from
> >
> I have repeated my download, and used the link above.
>  > Everything works OK
> > even with 12 menus. Just try once again, but before that remove old xfce
> > executables (especially 'xfce', in your case /usr/bin/xfce) in order to
> > sure old binaries are not used.
> I have remove anything (/etc/X11/xfce, /usr/share/xfce/, and
> /usr/bin/xfce and /usr/bin/xfwm) from xfce, even my user settings
> (renamed to ~/xfce.bak).
> Then I have compiled the newly downloaded sources with:
> $ ./compile --prefix=/usr --datadir=/usr/share \\
>       --sysconfdir=/etc/X11 -- enable-xft --enable-taskbar \\
>       --enable-gdm
> $ make
> $ make install-strip
> As a user I have then called xfce_setup, and started my X11 session with
> startx.
> No changes :-(
> It works for me with 12 menus, too, but...
> ...only when there is not a single entry in this menu.
> Christian
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