auto minimize panel?..:)

Horn Gabor Horn.Gabor at
Mon Jun 24 01:56:43 CEST 2002

Hi Chris!

Yeah it was my thought too. Althought taht StartIconic trick doesn't
work for me, it shows the panel even when i add that line (or line 

Style "*panel"		StartIconic


Now I'd li

bye, hirisov

2002-06-24, h keltezéssel Chris Wilson ezt írta:
> Adding
> Style "XFce Main Panel"		StartIconic
> to your ~/.xfce/xfwmrc file should do the trick.  You'll still be able to
> bring up the panel if you want, by using your right-click to bring up a
> list of the currently running Apps.
> Now, if you don't even want to be able to bring up the panel at all, so
> it's like it's not even running at all, you could add this instead:
> Style "XFce Main Panel"		StartIconic, CirculateSkip, CirculateSkipIcon,
> WindowListSkip
> That'll make it so you don't even see it on any of your task lists.
> Since the new taskbar is actually apart of the xfce code, though, I don't
> think there's a way to run the taskbar without running the panel.  I could
> be wrong though, and I'm sure the authors could offer more insight on this.
> :-)
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