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> nothing that can be changed by the user either by accident or on purpose.

You're a lucky man, there is a special mode in xfce for kiosk
applications such as this one (I know, nobody but me knows about that)

In short, to make Xfce act as you want, you must :

- Prepare your default setup, using any user you want. Arrange your
menus, etc.
- As root, copy your $HOME/.xfce/.xfce3rc to /etc/X11/xfce/xfce3rc
- Edit that file and change the [Coords] section so it reads 
  This will tell xfce to place itself at the proper position.
- Now, here is the trick.By setting the shell env variable
"DISABLE_XFCE_USER_CONFIG" to 1 (or "y") prior to start xfce, then the
user will have no access to configuration of any kind. The configuration
will be taken directly from /etc/X11/xfce/xfce3rc ignoring any user
local configuration.

You can test that simply by running from a console :

$ startxfce

Magic's everywhere ;-)

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