Call for aid to the Girl Scouts

Neal linuxer at
Fri Jun 14 06:01:21 CEST 2002

I received a call this evening for help to setup several 'unbreakable' email boxes for the local Girl Scout camp.  Several times per day the camp business manager is summoned to 'fix' one of the PCs because Win 95 is not working.  We all know the consequences of unattended PCs.

I would like to use a skinny install of RH 7.2 or 7.3, the Red Hat dialer and Galeon running on XFce.

Here is the situation:  They have several donated, Pentium 90 PCs with low memory and small disk drives.  I have not seen the machines so I have no idea of their exact make up.  There are girls and counselors at camp from many countries who need email to keep in touch with home.  

There is one requirement for the PCs, just one: webmail from yahoo or hotmail. 

Has anyone done this before who would be willing to share their experiences?

I want no access to setup menus... nothing that can be changed by the user either by accident or on purpose.  Can I disable mouse right-click? 
I have not tried to implement my thoughts yet, won't get the opportunity until Saturday when the PCs show up on my doorstep.  I thought I would try to set up XFce with the clock and two icons on the panel.  Yes, just two.  One for the dialer and one for galeon.  Is this possible?
TIA for your suggestions.
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