No sound with xfsound - ??

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Wed Jun 5 18:15:36 CEST 2002


> My problem is that I do not have sound for events in XFCE. Furthermore,
> any changes that I make manually in my xfwmrc file is totally
> disregarded, since I have tried to work with that file to maybe
> uncomment the lines with "I" Module xfsound...

xfsound is spawned by the panel, so it should not be the problem. Check
out that no other program is already grabbing the sound device, like
artsd or esd.

Try "xfsound -i" so see, first if sounds are enabled, if sound files are
defined and at last if you click "play", something happens.

> Another annoyance is that I seem to have no desktop icons, and I cannot
> drag&drop files or folders down on the desktop. Any help?

xftree doesn't do that. You may want to try ROX filer, which is small
and fast, or gmc or even nautilus for that purpose.

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