how to change left mouse button popup-menue

Uli Wachowitz uli at
Mon Jul 29 02:17:11 CEST 2002

lets see

  + "XFCE Quit"            Quit
  + "XFCE Restart"         Restart

  + "Run"                  Exce xfrun

You want to create submenus? Pardon, I dont get it....

Submenus can be easely created by something like this:
  + "Networking"           PopUp "networking"
  + bla bla bla

AddToMenu "networking"     "** Networking **" Title
  + "Remote"               PopUp "remote"
  + ""			   Nop
  + "Sylpheed"             Exec sylpheed
  + "News"                 Exec /usr/local/bin/pan
  + and some more bla bla bla

BTW: I really like to point you to the xfce documentation. Simply click
on the small question mark on the right side of the panel. This will
launch netscape and shows you the docs. If you dont have netscape,
locate "xfhelp" by typing "which xfhelp" in a terminal. Should located
in /usr/local/bin/. There you can name your preferred browser:
if [ "x$BROWSER" = "x" ]

hope this helps........

On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 22:46:54 +0000
Ekkard Gerlach <ekkardgerlach at> wrote:
>    * restart xfce, quit xfce 
>    * Lauch Program (I have a telephone-number CD that can
>          be launched only this way, not by a X-terminal (I dont 
>          know why))
>    * Settings + submenu
> Where can I find how this is programmed in root_menu ?

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