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Mon May 10 23:07:45 CEST 2021

Hi Yousuf,
Sorry for the late reply and thanks for guiding collaborators, my only remark is that none of mentioned channels unofficial, this means you'll have to bridge them with core devs/admins via the official channels, namely this mailing list and #xfce-dev.
If this back and forth works for you, I see no problem, otherwise please guide them to use the official communication means.

Andre Miranda

Apr 28, 2021, 06:03 by ypharis at gmail.com:

> Hi Translation Team,
> I'm Yousuf Philips, an Xfce contributor and Xubuntu team member. I've been working to improve the translation of Xubuntu into multiple languages and have started a telegram group[1] to support these efforts.
> I'm working with the Arabic contributors to guide their translations efforts through a google doc[2] that i'm curating. Likely, I may be duplicating this google doc for other languages once other language contributors request it, with Spanish likely being the first. If you have any input on the priority order i've laid out in the document for the Xfce components, please let me know here or in a comment in the document.
> [1] > https://t.me/XubuntuTranslators
> [2] > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fj86gTZhPotY0NWpvf1tN0hr4RauM5JtAMoaPnj_sqk/edit#
> Regards,
> Yousuf

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