[Xfce-i18n] Italian translation

Vincenzo Reale smart2128 at baslug.org
Thu May 21 15:22:53 CEST 2020

On 21-05-2020 13:29, Emanuele Petriglia wrote:
> Hi Vincenzo!
> Glad to see a fellow countryman!
> There is a lot to do, you can start reading this page[0]. I promoted 
> you
> to reviewer on Transifex, so you can edit the "reviewed" strings and 
> not
> just make suggestions.
> If you are on Telegram you can contact me to discuss about 
> translations,
> send me your nickname on a private email.
> I'm active to review and translate new strings, but I'm slowly shifting
> to Xfce development, so you help will be really appreciated.
> [0]: https://wiki.xfce.org/translations/team_it

Hi Emanuele,
I really appreciate your feedback.
I've already started quickly reviewing some strings, but I'll share my 
thoughts with you as soon as possible.


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