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(Sending once more, the first attempt didn't show in mailing list archives, I'm sorry for the spam in case you received this e-mail the first time)

Hi, me again.

First of all, I made one mistake, I deleted the Interlingue (ie) team thinking it was the same as Interlingua (ia), I'm sorry. I tried to recreate the team, but the only person that I found as the "Last Translator" goes by "Caarmi" and this profile doesn't exist anymore in Transifex. If there's any Interlingue translator out there, please let me know your username and I'll recreate this team.

Secondly, I went a bit further and removed some more languages/teams:

ar_AA - one translator, no project/language
ar_SA - one translator, no project/language
co - one translator, no project/language
es_419 - no translator (Nick doesn't count), no project/language
es_AR - one translator, no project/language
fr_BE - one translator, no project/language
gd - no translator (Nick doesn't count), only 2 strings translated for tumbler
it_IT - 3 translators, only 14 strings translated for thunar plugins, please translate "it"
ky - no translator, only 14 strings translated for thunar/xfdesktop/panel/settings
scn - one translator, no project/language
uz at Cyrl - one translator, no project/language

Same as before, if you think this is a mistake, please get in touch.

Andre Miranda
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