[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Pjotr Vertaalt pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 21:50:03 CET 2020

First of all, there is not just one member of the Dutch Xfce
translators team: there are three, of whom two are active (Marqueaux
and myself).

My colleague and I have agreed to discuss any translation issues
within our team. Due to lack of time I haven't contacted my colleague
about some of these translation issues yet. I intend to do that in the
near future. But all discussions happen within the team; that's what
it's there for.

Secondly: I only applied the approved changes in the Master branch,
because previous experiences have taught me that changes in a stable
branch are usually left on the shelf. If that assumption is wrong, I'd
appreciate a developer telling me so. Because naturally I'll apply the
approved changes in the stable 4.14 branch then also.

Thirdly: I treat all submitted change proposals with respect and with
an open mind, as can be seen from the fact that I approved and applied
roughly two thirds of Stef's proposals. In several instances I've even
given him the benefit of the doubt, in order to reward his efforts.
But this doesn't mean that I want to discuss change proposals outside
of the team.

Fourthly: I encourage non-members of the Dutch team to keep sending in
their change proposals as .po files.

Please don't pull the .po files you wish to edit with Poedit from the
GitHub of Xfce, because on GitHub you only find the stable .po files.
But pull them from Transifex instead: even as a non-member of the team
you should still be able to download the "for use" .po files from the
Master branch, which are quite fit for this purpose. If you run into
trouble with that, e-mail me.

As a final remark I'd like to repeat: I don't think we should bother
the other members of this mailing list with these issues any more.
It's of no use at all to speakers of other languages and it
unnecessarily consumes their time. I myself wouldn't appreciate to be
bothered by exchanges like this for some other language. I feel that
it somewhat pollutes this mailing list.

Regards, Pjotr.

2020-02-28 19:07 GMT+01:00, Stef <transifex at pizzica.net>:
> On 2/28/20 12:45 PM, Pjotr Vertaalt wrote:
>> @Benno Schulenberg: Stef has submitted a .po file for xfwm4 with a
>> sizeable number of changes. I've checked them and have approved
>> approximately two thirds of them. I've rejected approximately one
>> third of the proposed changes.
>> I've notified Stef about this with a long e-mail in which I've
>> explained the reasons for acceptance or rejection of every single
>> proposed change.
> Yes, I did send a modified nl.po file for xfwm4 to Pjotr on 2020-02-16
> with only changes for real faulty or confusing translations (all in my
> opinion of course). I tried to avoid making 'taste' related changes as
> much as possible. Pjotr replied with a detailed accept/reject on
> 2020-02-18. To which I replied that same day. To that reply I did not
> yet receive a reaction.
> In this mail I wanted to discuss some of the changes that were
> rejected, as I did not agree on all of them. One of which was the
> "focus" --> "scherpstellen", which is, as Benno already mentioned,
> totally incorrect in the specific context.
>> Then I've applied the approved changes to the Master branch of xfwm4.
> Yes, that was updated 2020-02-18, but not completely consistent. And
> how about the rest of the Xfce translations? Who will update those?
> And Pjotr indicated that these changes will only be include in the
> next full release of Xfce, is that correct? I see there are
> maintenance updates as well that include translations. So why not
> include updates in there and how to get them there?
>> Finally: if you have further questions for Stef or for me, or if you
>> wish to discuss certain words in the Dutch translations, I urgently
>> request you to e-mail us on our personal e-mail addresses. There's no
>> need to bother the other translators with discussions like this.
> I agree with Benno that private e-mail is not the way to discuss this.
> Certainly not when there is only a single translator and not a group
> to discuss this with. And I even tried some single word discussions by
> e-mail, but no reply. I see other language specific discussions over
> here as well, so why not this one?
>> 2020-02-28 10:08 GMT+01:00, Benno Schulenberg <bensberg at telfort.nl>:
>>> Op 14-02-2020 om 14:08 schreef Stef:
>>>> I am willing to provide a sample for the mentioned file by email if
>>>> that
>>>> would
>>>> help.
>>> Stef, did you submit a patch with improvements?  If yes, was it
>>> accepted?
>>> And were you granted access?  And can I see what you submitted?
> If you want to see my proposal, I can e-mail it, let me know.
> No, I was not granted access to the translation. This was something I
> also asked about in the e-mail Pjotr did not reply to.
> In the mean time I have also tried contacting the people mentioned on
> this page as maintainers of the Dutch (nl) translation:
> https://wiki.xfce.org/translations/language_maintainers
> Two of the three have replied up to now, but both have not contributed
> for at least 10 years. Also this page has not been updated for 10
> years:
> https://wiki.xfce.org/translations/team_nl
> Are the wiki pages still actively used by Xfce translators? And who
> can update these pages?
> This page lists yet another Dutch translation team and also indicates
> it is a Flemish version?
> https://xfce.org/about/credits
> Stef

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