[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Stef transifex at pizzica.net
Thu Feb 13 21:08:06 CET 2020

Op 13-2-2020 om 15:44 schreef Pjotr Vertaalt:

> Hello, I'm the coordinator of the Dutch Xfce translations at
> Transifex. Yesterday I declined a membership request which came "out
> of the blue", by someone with a profile that I couldn't contact.

Hi! You don't get the requesters e-mail address?

> I'm sorry that I had to decline it so abruptly, because usually I send
> a message with explanation first. But as said: there was unfortunately
> no option to send a polite message because of the settings of that
> Transifex profile....

Weird, you would expect such a platform to allow you to add a message.

But I'm not familiar Transifex, so okay.

> The Dutch translations are currently at 100 %. So there are no
> vacancies at this time; no help is needed. Therefore I'm sorry to say
> that a renewed request will be denied again.

That's too bad. The numbers indeed say 100%, but that does not say 
anything about correctness. Apart from correctness, I also suspect at 
least some of the translations are done by a Flemish speaker, not a 
Dutch speaker. So maybe a nl_NL and nl_BE should be considered. But I do 
think there is also room for improvement if there is no differentiation 
between NL and BE. Currently the Xfce language files are in "nl" and not 
in "nl_NL" or "nl_BE".

> Nevertheless, if you would like to see some changes in the current
> Dutch translations: please contact me at pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com and
> I'll take your remarks into consideration.

That would only work for some minor corrections you stumble upon during
Xfce usage. And since I am not a frequent user of Xfce (yet), that would
not bring much.

Searching for the origin of the texts that triggered my interest in
helping with the translation, I found these came from
nl/LC_MESSAGES/xfwm4.mo. There are a lot of messages in there that
could be improved imo. But I did see a few in some other files I took
a peek at as well.



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