[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Pjotr Vertaalt pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 15:44:58 CET 2020

Hello, I'm the coordinator of the Dutch Xfce translations at
Transifex. Yesterday I declined a membership request which came "out
of the blue", by someone with a profile that I couldn't contact.

I'm sorry that I had to decline it so abruptly, because usually I send
a message with explanation first. But as said: there was unfortunately
no option to send a polite message because of the settings of that
Transifex profile....

The Dutch translations are currently at 100 %. So there are no
vacancies at this time; no help is needed. Therefore I'm sorry to say
that a renewed request will be denied again.

Nevertheless, if you would like to see some changes in the current
Dutch translations: please contact me at pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com and
I'll take your remarks into consideration.

Regards, Pjotr.

2020-02-13 15:23 GMT+01:00, Vinzenz Vietzke <vinz at vinzv.de>:
> Hi,
>> Just you need to request it via transifex and present yourself here (which
>> greatly increases your chances of getting approved).
>> Looking at existing requests on transifex I can't find any for "nl", can
>> you please request again and ping me?
>> By the way, "nl" is almost fully translated, there is no such "nl_NL" on
>> transifex, did you request to join the latter?
>> If so, that could be reason you got rejected (vinzv?).
> Tbh I never saw a request for joining or translating "nl". So therefore I
> didn't decline anything. But it might be that Transifex lost it which is not
> uncommon.
> Stef: Best way is just to re-request joining the team and then start
> translating nl_NL.
> Sorry for any inconvenience!
> Regards,
> vinz.
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