[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Stef transifex at pizzica.net
Thu Feb 13 13:45:14 CET 2020


Recently I upgraded an old pc from W7 to Linux Mint with Xfce. This was 
for a senior citizens couple so I set the language to their (and my) 
native language: Dutch. When going through the settings I found a number 
of texts to be incomprehensible and had to translate them back to 
English (in my mind) to understand what was actually meant. Also in 
other places there is room for improvement.

So instead of just complaining about it, I thought I'd better start 
helping to improve the translations. So I performed all the steps on: 
https://docs.xfce.org/contribute/translate/start. And tried to get 
access to some settings translations. But unfortunately I got rejected 
without any further explanation. Did I try to join the wrong project? Or 
should I have posted here first? Other?

So how do I get started improving the Dutch translation? And which 
locale should be used? Most translations seem to be in "nl", I ony found 
one file in "nl_NL" (in linux mint).

Or do I need qualifications for the job? Some relevant experience:
- Native Dutch speaker
- Good knowledge of the English language (written and spoken)
- 30 years of C programming experience
- 20 years of Linux experience (hobby)
- Participated in translations for code.org



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