[Xfce-i18n] Last day to change translations

scootergrisen scootergrisen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 21:47:55 CEST 2019

> as pre3 is an optional release and the 28th of July may well end up 
> being the day of the final release (in case no showstoppers or other 
> grave bugs occur) I would say yes, that day (or maybe the day before) is 
> the last to submit translations for 4.14.0.
> Why I add the patch version to 4.14 is because of course we plan to do 
> bugfix or translation updates release throughout the 4.14 maintenance 
> cycle. So from my point of view this "final date" is nothing to be 
> concerned about.

My concern is that if there was 5½ years between 4.12 and 4.14 it seems 
like if i miss something like a spelling mistake in the translation i 
might have to wait another 5½ years for the next release to fix it.

I dont know about 4.12.X.
It seems Xfce About always says 4.12 no matter what version i use.

But last say we skip to the 4.14 release and then i make new changes to 
the translation. How long will it take until those new changes gets into 
a Xfce release?

How come on https://xfce.org/ it says the latest news is 4.12 if there 
have been 4.12.x releases after that?

> Regarding the release-discipline of the stable series please feel free 
> to poke the devs on either IRC or the mailing list if you feel a 
> translation update release is due. Everybody tends to swim in their own 
> puddle so devs are prone to only release when they knowingly pushed fixes.

Well i would like it all updated so when Xfce 4.14 is release all the 
software is using the latest translations.
But i dont have a good idea of what is updated and what is not.

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