[Xfce-i18n] xfce4-weather-plugin-0.8.4 string freeze announcement

Harald Judt h.judt at gmx.at
Tue Oct 28 08:57:49 CET 2014


Am 28.10.2014 um 02:44 schrieb André Miranda:
> Harald, I have translated the pt-BR locale during the weekend, but I
> noticed lots of tabs in the strings, is that really necessary? I didn't
> take a look at the source, but I think this is problematic since some
> translators might not perceive the tab symbol displayed at Transifex as
> actually a tab. Alas, I wasn't able to get the plugin into the panel,
> git clone, ./autogen.sh, make && make install all ran fine, but I can't
> add the plugin, it's not listed in "Add news items" dialog. Am I missing
> something?
> Cheers,
> André Miranda

Sorry about the tabs. Unfortunately, tab symbols are something badly
handled in the transifex web UI. I have found no easy way entering them
except by a keyboard shortcut (<ctrl>+<shift>+u+9), copying and pasting
from the original text has not the intended effect. I sometimes copy the
text into an editor and then back into the web form because that is easier.

For compiling and installing the plugin remember to set the path
correctly, otherwise the panel will not find any it. You need to use the
same install path as for the panel. If you're using the distribution
package of the panel, that will probably be:
./autorun.sh --prefix=/usr


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