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Rafael Ferreira rafael.f.f1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 00:49:42 CEST 2013

Welcome aboard!

Rafael Ferreira (pt_BR translator)

2013/10/19 Alois Mahdal <Alois.Mahdal.1-ndmail at zxcvb.cz>

> Hello everyone :)
> My name is Alois Mahdal. I am a longtime Linux/Unix user and I want
> to help with the translation of Xfce to Czech.
> OK, that's enough of copying Ronny :)
> I have some experience in field of software localization,
> although not the translation itself, but rather some simple
> engineering tasks like bug fixing (of errors caused or emerged
> by L10N) and synchronization of the strings before and after
> translation.  Other than that, I do software QA for living for
> over five years now (last six months being in purely UNIX-like
> environment), so when it comes to general understanding of
> concepts of software and its development, I'm pretty at home in
> this.
> I believe I have good grip of English as well as Czech, which
> is my primary native language (the other being Slovak).  I'm not
> very experienced in translation itself though, so I might need
> help with adopting some standard practices and finding right
> terms -- also I must admit that most of software I use is set to
> English.
> I tend to be a very busy person, so I would not like to promise
> more than half an hour a week.  However, with any work, I do
> tend to drop into a "working spree", so it's generally good for
> me to keep longer task queue.
> Thanks,
> aL.
> --
> Alois Mahdal
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