[Xfce-i18n] Hebrew team mess.

Genghis Khan genghiskhan at gmx.ca
Tue Jan 22 14:31:49 CET 2013

‎תאריך: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 18:23:29 +0200
 ‎מאת: Nickolai Vurgaft <slipperygate at gmail.com>

> Hi Nick, my name's also Nick (username is "pulsar"), and I've been
> contributing for some time now to the hebrew translation effort, and
> I've found myself with no one to hand over my work because up until
> now I've been sending my work to Yaron and he's been pushing for me.
> I had no idea the GK was problematic to the team (well, except for a
> little slip by Yaron, in retrospect I can't really judge nor I want
> to) and I really don't care about whatever they have against
> each-other, I've been working solely with Yaron and he's been great.
> seeing that you ban-hammered the guy, I'd like to ask you to consider
> making me a temp team leader (up until we sort that issue) so I could
> push my work.

Greetings Nickolai,

> except for a little slip by Yaron
Shahrabani has also said to me that Rhan (former WordPress translator)
ranh.co.il is a the worst FLOSS translator and from his direct message
the pioneer translators of GNOME and Ubuntu Hebrew are bad translators
also (+Microsoft translators and various of others are bad too).

It means nothing.
In my opinion, all the former FLOSS translators are great translators.

Nick did not say that I am problematic.
> Genghis joins the club and its a mess. Impossible to say who's right
> and who's wrong
Nick has applied that since I joined problems appeared.

Pointing out that I have a profession or having a job for that matter
means that I have my own ways in real life to manifest my own self and
I do not need to be 24/7 behind a computer screen and desperately
looking for excuses to corrupt the works of others, let alone not
asking the original authors, in order to foist point-of-view and my
name in order to mention more lines in a CV for a (better - if any) job

I guaranty that if credits for Hebrew translations from now on will be
revoked we will see a better progress in the Xfce Hebrew desktop
because then Shahrabani will not bother to abuse nor intervene with the
works of others since it will not have any affect on credit.

Nickolai, you may also read my messages in this thread and explain what
is wrong with my disagreements on how I would like to translate.

You can follow the KDE-IL guidelines or see former releases of
applications of GNOME and also of Xfce before he showed up, to
see clear examples of how Hebrew UI should properly look like.
Not entirely agreeing does not mean that I need to read irrelevant
stories about how he is deeply (no less) he is involved with Apple
and Microsoft translator or to read insults, since it has nothing to
do with the work at Xfce.

Either way, I sincerely wish you good luck, Nickolai.

> thanks.

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