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Pjotr Kan pliniusminor at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:10:15 CET 2012

Hello Nick,

The *-docs have disappeared from the master core collection, which is
good. But not yet from the 4.8 core collection....

I'd like to see them disappear there as well: 4.8 will remain
important for years to come (the next Xubuntu will be Long Term
Supported). So the 4.8 documents should be in the wiki too, I think.

Regards, Pjotr (Dutch Xfce translator).

2012/1/9 Nick Schermer <nickschermer at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> As some of you have noticed the documentation wiki is online
> (docs.xfce.rog) and we've started to add the first pages and connect
> the help buttons to the correct page in the wiki (function for that
> has been added in the libxfce4ui 4.9.0 release).
> I've removed all the *-doc from translations.xfce.org and if the
> manual moved to the wiki I've removed the docbook manual + images from
> master too.
> Now I understand translators want to start working on this (and
> technically the wiki is read for that), but maybe it is wise to work
> with a bunch of people on the English versions first. This includes
> copying the relevant text from the docbook manuals to the wiki, or
> write them for the components that don't have docs yet
> (xfce4-settings).
> When all the existing manuals have moved, I'll start to accept
> translators. I'm not in a read hurry with this since there are no
> packaging/release deadlines here.
> So if people want to volunteer and help with moving manuals to the
> wiki or write non-existing documentation, please let me know.
> Nick
> See also http://blog.xfce.org/2012/01/documentation-wiki/
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