[Xfce-i18n] Norwegian nynorsk translator

Eivind gingermig at yahoo.no
Thu Jan 5 16:34:06 CET 2012

Thanks for the quick activation! I have started translating today, and have already uploaded several .po's. Things work well.

I'll just ask a few questions OTOH:

Is there any "preferred" version of Xfce to put translation efforts into? Master or stable? Also, is there any mechanism for carrying translations over from one version to the next? For example, if I translate for 4.8 now, will my translations be inherited to the development version?

Thanks so far,


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Emne: Re: [Xfce-i18n] Norwegian nynorsk translator

Thanks for the quick introduction, i have activated your account.
Le 5 janv. 2012 12:32, "Eivind" <gingermig at yahoo.no> a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would like to help out with the nn translation of XFCE. I see it's been lagging hopelessly behind for some time. I have requested membership in the translation team.
> A short introduction: I am the nn_NO maintainer and translator for WordPress, Ardour and a few other open source projects. I live in Fjærland, western part of Norway, I'm the manager of The Norwegian Booktown (bokbyen.no) and I do music-related stuff whenever I have the time, which is more seldom than I'd like, partly due to time spent translating to my favourite language. :-)
> Best regards to you all from
> Eivind Ødegård,
> Norway
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