[Xfce-i18n] Component maintainers and PO/intltool mode

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 19:53:02 CET 2010


Nick recently let us know[1] how to switch a Tx component to use the PO mode
“PO/intltool” which removes the need of manually updating the POT file and
pushing it into git. Instead it can be deleted from the source tree! However
there is a bug to consider when using this mode, the generated POT file
doesn't get refreshed, even when pressing the “Refresh cache” button, I
opened a Tx ticket[2]. To get around this, after pushing new or modified
strings, you need to go to the component's page and Clear plus Refresh the
cache. You should anyway manually refresh the cache after pushing changes --
even if the task scheduler does it for you (a hook would be the perfect fit)
-- to make sure people won't translate over unsynced files.

[1] http://foo-projects.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2009-December/027915.html
[2] http://trac.transifex.org/ticket/549

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