[Xfce-i18n] Request for translators group

Leonardo Totaro elleti.brainvision at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 15:40:56 CET 2010

Hello everybody there at xfce translation list!

My name is Leonardo Totaro and I've just created a new account at the
Transifex pages as *brainvision*..

I'm from Italy, so I would like to start translating xfce as soon as I can,
as more as I can! I'm using it since I'm using Linux (nearly 2 years) and
I've decided that it's time to give something to the ones who gave me a lot!

That's all, I think.. so I hope you'll add me to the translators group..
I've spoked to other italian boys that translate xfce: they told me what to
do to start and we choose a project where I can start from.. It's really a
good team, the italian one!

I'm waiting for your reply..

See you soon and have a nice day!

elleti.brainvision at gmail.com
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