[Xfce-i18n] About possible switch to Transifex 0.8.0

Per Kongstad p_kongstad at op.pl
Sun Jan 10 11:12:22 CET 2010

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On 01/10/2010 12:25 AM, Nick Schermer wrote:
> Translators,
> Because Transifex 0.8.0devel brings some nice features compared to the
> version we're currently running (and also some needed fixes in the
> code and appliance), I'm thinking about making the switch once some
> minor issues are fixed. However there are some changes in for example
> the online translator that make is harder to use when updating
> translations, SO IT'S UP TO YOU GUYS whether we switch or stick with
> 0.7.3.
> Some of the biggest changes:
> The online translator (Lotte) now generates server-side pages, which
> means the 200 strings limit is removed.
> The downside is they haven't implemented filtering (see
> http://transifex.org/ticket/378), so what you will get is something
> like this: http://foo-projects.org/~nick/screenshots/tx-01.png. Makes
> it hard to find that 1 string that is fuzzy or untranslated.
Well I don't think that Lotte is very good at the moment anyhow for
It doesn't allow for any comments/proofreading etc. It's to simple
IMHO! So no loss on this one for me.
> Translation teams have been added, which is a good thing. It gives a
> nice overview which users are translating in a language and also
> handles permissions (you can only edit/update/lock your language) and
> probably more i haven't figured out yet . See
> http://foo-projects.org/~nick/screenshots/tx-02.png and
> http://foo-projects.org/~nick/screenshots/tx-03.png.
> A downside of this is that you cannot share translation teams between
> projects. To work around this i wrote some sql we can run on the
> server (cronjob) to automatically setup the groups, this will render
> the add/delete/join features in a team useless, but we're not going to
> manage 3762 teams by hand (99 projects, 38 languages). It requires
> setting the right language in your user profile and being in the
> correct group (translators group, so introduction on this ml is still
> required, + valid registration etc). Of course you can easily join
> another group by changing the language in your profile, but i hope you
> guys are mature enough to not abuse that ;-), ie. not worse then what
> we have right now.
Well you could just appoint one for managing each team and grant
administrations rights to a language (In the 'old' days we had this
for uploading to svn). The way all translations normally is handled in
Danish is through an umbrella organization and we prefer this as the
translation are proofread.
> So what will it be? 0.7.3 or wait until the online translator supports
> filtering...
As earlier stated Lotte is in my opinion not fulfilling basic needs
for translation anyhow. So what to loose?
Go for 0.8

> Nick
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