[Xfce-i18n] introducing myself [et]

Ain Vagula avagula at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 18:12:04 CET 2009

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 13:33, Rain Viigipuu <rain.viigipuu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> 2009/2/20 Ain Vagula <avagula at gmail.com>:
>>> OK, I'll read your files into translation memory. In meantime I
>>> suggest you to read this guide:
>>> http://hasso.linux.ee/doku.php/eesti:kde:stiilijuhend
>>> It is about using different forms in various UI elements. Its a good
>>> guide and we (KDE, GNOME, FF, TB, OOo, openSUSE, Mandriva, etc.
>>> translators) are using it all over Linux and GNU applications. Your
>>> translation doesnt follow this guide in many points.
> I would vote for using this guide for xfce4 translations. I know there
> seems to be sort of current way how the translation should be done (
> http://i18n.xfce.org/wiki/team_et ) but the result is kinda weird in
> my opinion.

Thank you all for support and understanding. I reopened a topic in
pingviin.org forum, so we can discuss language specific things without
borrowing this list.



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