[Xfce-i18n] introducing myself [et]

Leandro Regueiro leandro.regueiro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 11:53:26 CET 2009

> To obtain rights to commit to svn you'll find how to at
> http://i18n.xfce.org/wiki/translator_account. But it might be a god
> idea to contact the present committer for Estonian
> Peeter.Vois at proekspert.ee
> <mailto:%26%23x50%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x74%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x72%3B%26%23x2e%3B%26%23x56%3B%26%23x6f%3B%26%23x69%3B%26%23x73%3B%26%23x40%3B%26%23x70%3B%26%23x72%3B%26%23x6f%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x6b%3B%26%23x73%3B%26%23x70%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x72%3B%26%23x74%3B%26%23x2e%3B%26%23x65%3B%26%23x65%3B>.
> Normally only one committer is allowed per country.

You want to say one committer per language, don't you?

               Leandro Regueiro

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