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Per Kongstad p_kongstad at op.pl
Thu Dec 10 16:34:03 CET 2009

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Hi Ali,

Should this have white space in the end ?

#: ../src/main.c:175
msgid "Unknown argument "
msgstr "Ukendt argument"


Ali Abdallah wrote:
> Mike Massonnet wrote:
>> 2009/12/10 Ali Abdallah <aliov at xfce.org>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I had to add a new string to the settings dialog, i'm sorry, it was
>>> unavoidable, it is to give an option to disable screen saver
>>> resetting,
>>> could you please update your translations as BTW if everything
>>> goes fine we
>>> will release the version 0.2 next week.
>> This is an option I except to be done in the background. Only avoid
>> the screen saver when playing a video. Out of curiosity, why this
>> option?
> Ideally the player should always reset the screen saver counter when
> it is playing video stream, this is the case for Parole, but for
> some reason and on some cases, XResetScreenSaver is dimming the
> screen to random levels, i added this option just as a defensive
> programing :)
>>> Also if you add a new translation, drop me a mail so i can add
>>> your name in
>>> the about dialog, usually i'm watching xfce-commits, but just in
>>> case.
>> With gtkaboutdialog, you can set the translator credits to the string
>> _("translator-credits")[0]. This message can than be used to put the
>> translators names. If you don't use gtkaboutdialog, you can copy this
>> method.
>> It makes life much easier instead of maintaining yourself the
>> credits :-)
> The GtkAboutDialog is a lot easier, but i'm using the
> XfceAboutDialog, which basically shows all the translators, i'm not
> sure how to automate this here and if libxfce4ui will provide
> something like that.
>> Cheers
> Cheers,
> Ali
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