[Xfce-i18n] Translation of Midori

Carles Muñoz Gorriz carlesmu at internautas.org
Wed Dec 9 16:09:13 CET 2009


En/na Harald Servat ha escrit:
> Hello,
>   I'm translating Midori into Catalan through the Xfce's transifex
> webpage [1]. I'm using poedit to edit the *.po files. My poedit claims
> that I've completed the translation of the entire file and the history
> on [1] claims the same. However, the progress bar only counts for a
> completion of a 93%. I have only 517 strings in my copy (even after
> download a new fresh copy from transifex) of midori.master.ca.po file
> whereas others have 552 strings and some even more, 564 strings.

I've downloaded the pot and ca.po file and uploaded a new po file with
the missed strings.

 $ msgmerge midori.master.ca.po midori.master.midori.pot > ca.po
 $ mv ca.po midori.master.ca.po

It's a good practice do a msgmerge before upload because it reduces the
diff file and it can show that the po was not updated.

btw, there is a open ticket in transifex[1] about automatically do it.

>   I'm afraid that something here is confusing transifex (or poedit, or
> both). I saw something similar in xfce4-screeshooter and I reported it
> to the XFCE i18n mailing list [2]. Then it happened that Catalan (ca
> code) was not in LINGUAS file. After adding it and refreshing the cache,
> everything worked like a charm.
>   Could you check it, please?
> Regards.
> [1] https://translations.xfce.org/projects/midori/master/
> [2] http://foo-projects.org/pipermail/xfce-i18n/2009-November/009093.html

[1] <http://transifex.org/ticket/324>

Carles Muñoz Gorriz

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