[Xfce-i18n] [de][Patch] xfce4-web-browser mistranslation

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at uvena.de
Tue Sep 16 20:40:36 CEST 2008

On Fri, 12 Sep 2008 23:39:32 +0200, Christian Dywan
<christian at twotoasts.de> wrote:


> there's a mistranslation that has bugged me for quite some time now
> and I always forgot to report it. The string
> #: ../modules/menu/menu-data/xfce4-web-browser.desktop.in.h:2
> msgid "Web Browser"
> msgstr "Mozilla (Web-Browser)"
> should not refer to Mozilla here. Instead the term should be
> translated and Mozilla should not be mentioned at all. If you dislike
> translating the term, I will accept that as long the application name
> is gone.

I completely agree to remove 'Mozilla' from the translation as there
was never a direct relation between Mozilla and a web browser (and
because now we have a much better one :D ). But I don't think we need to
change the translation 'Web-Browser'. Yes, it isn't a German word but
there is also no German word which could describe it in a sane way. So,
I'd suggest to remove Mozilla and keep 'Web-Browser'.

> #: ../modules/menu/menu-data/xfce4-terminal.desktop.in.h:1
> msgid "Terminal"
> msgstr "Terminal"
> That one irritates me a bit - before looking into the file I
> thought it was referring to the program "Terminal", but it's a
> preference, so it should say "Konsole", shouldn't it?

I don't think so, 'Konsole' would be even worse as it reminds more to
KDE's konsole. I'd say 'Terminal' is fine as it is the name of the
general application type 'terminal emulation' and it fits the name of
Xfce's default terminal emultion application 'Terminal'.
So, I'd say changing it would cause even more confusion.

> I hope it's okay to leave editing the file to whoever can do it, since
> it's quite a minimal thing. If not, I can make a patch.

Attached is a patch which fixes the 'Mozilla' problem as mentioned
above and also translates the missing fuzzy and untranslated strings.
The patch also fixes some missing menu accelerators.


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