[Xfce-i18n] foo clarification xfce4-power-manager

Per Kongstad p_kongstad at op.pl
Thu Oct 23 14:31:07 CEST 2008


Please clarify following

#: xfpm-battery-icon.c:515
msgid " Battery charge"

Is this a header or what does this mean.

#: xfpm-driver.c:287
msgid "Unable to get adapter status, the power manager will not work
properly. Possible reasons: ac adapter driver is not loaded into the
kernel broken connection with the hardware abstract layer or the message
bus daemon is not running"

Please consider rearranging this sentence.

#: xfpm-driver.c:882
msgid "Unable to use power management service, functionalities like
hibernate and shutdown will not work Possible reasons: you don't have
enough permission or abroken connection with the hardware abstract layer
or the message bus daemon is not running"

Same for this one

#: xfpm-hal.c:640
#: xfpm-hal.c:729
#: xfpm-hal.c:822
#: xfpm-hal.c:871
#: xfpm-hal.c:921
#: xfpm-hal.c:973
#: xfpm-hal.c:1025
#: xfpm-hal.c:1071
msgid "Out of memmory"

Please correct to memory

#: xfpm-main.c:89
msgid "Unable to read HOME environment variable, autostart option may
not work"

Shall HOME be translated.

#: xfpm-main.c:268
msgid "Impossible to run Xfce4 power manager, Please make sure that the
hardware abstract layer (HAL) is running and then message bus daemon
(DBus) is running."

Please correct spellingmistakes .

#: xfpm-settings.c:539
#: xfpm-settings.c:632
msgid "Userspace"

Please add comments for such usage of words. It will help to create
better translations.

Looking forward to your quick response.

When needed information present the last percentage will be translated
and the Danish version will enter proof-reading.

Best regards

Per Kongstad


Ali Abdallah wrote:
> Alexander Toresson wrote:
>> Ah, the number itself is in a different widget?
> More or less, you know GtkSpinButton doesn't have any prefix or suffix, 
> so basically i let the spin button does it's job displaying the integer 
> value then i add the suffix using the GtkEditable interface, it was 
> already too complicated to do so i don't know if i can escape in a clean 
> way from having the space, but those are only three strings.
> percent.
> min.
> never.
> Best Regards,
> Ali.
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