[Xfce-i18n] Catalan update for xfce/trunk

Maximilian Schleiss maximilian at xfce.org
Sun Nov 30 19:49:04 CET 2008

Le dimanche 30 novembre 2008 à 19:17 +0100, Carles Muñoz Gorriz a
écrit :
> En/na Maximilian Schleiss ha escrit:
> >
> > patched and verified, did you leave the "close" and "help" untranslated
> > for purpose in xfce4-session? If not, should these be Tanca and Ajuda?
> Yes they should be Tanca and Ajuda.
I'll update these before I commit al the translations tonight.

> I didn't know if those gtk-* (gtk-close, gtk-help, gtk-save…) should be
> translated and if I should use the 'gtk-' part in the translation.
These should not be translated, only the part after the gtk- should be.

> Could you confirm it? Those kind of strings are the only remaining for
> translation to catalan in xfwm4, xfdesktop, xfce4-settings and
> xfce4-session.
I'll have a look at these also.

> regards,

Best regards,

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