[Xfce-i18n] xfcalendar.mo not being used

Stavros Giannouris stavrosg at hellug.gr
Wed Nov 7 14:35:28 CET 2007

O/H Troels Blum έγραψε:
> ons, 07 11 2007 kl. 11:26 +0100, skrev Mathias Brodala:
>> I think you forgot to add your language to the LINGUAS file. This file tells
>> which translations will be compiled and used.
> That i true xfcalendar had a LINGUAS fil, and i does not say "da". But
> mousepad does _not_ have a LINGUAS file, and the translations "just
> work" for mousepad. So is it not just a nuisance having the LINGUAS
> file?
Nope, just a rearragement.
Mousepad includes the relevant list directly into the Makefile in the 
po/ directory, while for the rest programs,
the LINGUAS file is sourced at the same point in the Makefile.
This was done to grand write priviledges to translators just for the 
LINGUAS file, not the whole Makefile,
to prevent someone from accidentially breaking it, but being able to add 
his/her language in the build proccess.

It is mousepad that should be corrected, not orage.
> BR Troels


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