[Xfce-i18n] xfcalendar.mo not being used

Troels Blum troels at blum.dk
Wed Nov 7 13:31:03 CET 2007

ons, 07 11 2007 kl. 11:26 +0100, skrev Mathias Brodala:
> Hi.
> Troels Blum, 07.11.2007 11:03:
> > I am working on a Danish translation for xfce. I am just about done with
> > the xfce "base" files. But my xfcalendar.mo file is not being used. Even
> > though I placed it together with all the other .mo files, which are
> > being used, as far as I can see. Can anybody explain this?
> I think you forgot to add your language to the LINGUAS file. This file tells
> which translations will be compiled and used.
That i true xfcalendar had a LINGUAS fil, and i does not say "da". But
mousepad does _not_ have a LINGUAS file, and the translations "just
work" for mousepad. So is it not just a nuisance having the LINGUAS

BR Troels

> Regards, Mathias
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